We saw God move in mighty ways in Chicago! People were set free from demonic oppression, metal was removed from old injuries in people’s bodies, young men and teenagers were filled with the Holy Spirit, there were visions of angels and more!
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#REVIVALCHICAGO2018 featured in Charisma

"REVIVAL CHICAGO" - August 2018

By the faith of God, we are going to take a Gospel tent into the hard places of Chicago in August 2018. This will not be another Christian event; but, this will be an advance of The Kingdom of Heaven into a territory that has been dominated by satan and his henchmen for far too long. We will see gang members surrender their lives to Jesus; we will see bodies and families healed by the resurrection power of Christ; and we will see a change in the atmosphere of that city come as hope is restored through the power of the Gospel. Please join us in prayer and giving right now; and watch for the updates on this historic meeting.