Dr. Paul Lanier

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Dr. Paul Lanier in one word – REAL!   There’s no pretense.   You never have to wonder what he thinks or where he stands. Although he’s excelled academically, he communicates with such ease to people in remarkably simple ways.

His favorite things include watching the Chicago Bears (when they are winning!), good coffee, beautiful horses, great books, song writing, and Gladys Knight.  His published works and music recordings reveal his rare gifts.  He loves the beach and is convinced you can hear God inhale and exhale as the ocean waves dance across the shore line.

Dr. Lanier has been married to his wife, Debbie, since 1983.   They have two children, Kaylyn and Paul, who are their first Calling.  He believes if you win the whole world but lose your children, you’ve still lost!

Hope Community, found by Drs. Paul  and Debbie Lanier in 1990, is a beautiful reflection of Dr. Lanier’s own personal Calling.   He passionately seeks to be a bridge, connecting denominations, races, nationalities, and people from every walk of life into a unified, yet diverse, Body.   His Prayer echoes Jesus’ Prayer: “Father, make us One, as you and I are One.”   Dr. Lanier believes when the world witnesses the Church living and loving as One, they will believe in the Beloved Jesus.

Did we mention he REALLY loves the Chicago Bears?!!!!