Lisa Hanson



     Lisa is a wife and a mom who has been ministering  for over 20 years.  She is an author, and an inventor. After spending much of her life in Las Vegas, she laid down her successful career in the music industry. One day the Lord spoke to her saying "There will be a fork in the road a decision to make and you will know what to do." That decision was the choice between the life she had built for herself in the music industry and the call of God on her life. She forsook her career and chose to follow HIS call. She's preached to those in prison, to youth, women and to men Lisa resides in the beautiful country side of Tennessee.

     Due to her years singing in the secular entertainment industry she has a powerful testimony of redemption from a painful past, deliverance and overcoming the rejection of not one, but two fathers.

     She has a gift to reach the unchurched, those who feel broken and abused and forsaken. She flows in the gifts of the Spirit & words of wisdom & knowledge and many have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit when she preaches. She is also a powerful worship leader and uses worship and songs in the spirit to open the hearts of those who are lost. She has one message: You do not have to be broken, live in bondage, or anxiety or fear anymore. Jesus has come to SET YOU FREE. He has a destiny for you and it's AWESOME!