We had been in a powerful crusade in the heart of Kenya, guests of another ministry. We witnessed great miracles and saw scores of people give their hearts to Jesus. We had opportunities to pour hope and spiritual wisdom into thousands of area pastors and saw God do a work of uniting their hearts with each other.

It was an amazing week, but our job was not over until the last day of the meeting. Standing on the sidelines as part of the crowd, we saw 5 young boys with aerosol paint cans, huffing the fumes. We talked with them and practically begged them to give us the cans, warning them of the danger of those fumes.

That is the day of the week-long crusade that is permanently etched in my spirit. I don’t think I will ever forget the words of one little boy: “You give us food; and we will give you the cans. We are very hungry, and the fumes keep us from feeling it.”

My friend and I knew what we had to do. We found our driver and asked the boys to go with us to the center of town. We went directly to the market and bought them each something to drink and a large loaf of bread.

Words cannot describe the look of excited relief on their faces when they saw that bread. They devoured it in minutes, so thankful that we took time for them that day.

They were not part of a mass altar-call; they didn’t boast of miracles. But, because God connected us with a need on the ground…we were able to meet it and introduce those boys to the Bread of Life. We also were able to connect them with a local pastor.

We preached no masterpiece sermon to them. There was no crowd; in fact, no one would have ever known. But Jesus knew, because inasmuch as we did it to these starving children, we did it unto Him.

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