Every now and then God sends us a love letter of encouragement regarding our work with the newly emerging SCHAMBACH FOUNDATION. Please read the following words from a letter written by someone seeking credentials from us:


“For a couple years now, I have monitored the Schambach Foundation from afar, hearing of its powerful and Godly activity from those within the organization. As the boarders of the Foundation have continued to expand, my interest continues to grow. It grows for a number of reasons, but most notably because it seems that its activities are coming in line with the activities that matter most to me as well. The Schambach Foundation’s desire to work with those in oppressed and difficult circumstances is the paradigmatic event par excellencefor me (here I have in mind their mission to establish a school for special needs children in Costa Rica). I have also come to appreciate the Foundation for its desire to bring the Kingdom of God to those of all nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures. Further, their desire to share and model the love and grace of Christ in all circumstances is worthy of admiration. While these activities have pushed my interest in credentialing with Schambach Foundation to where it is today, there is one theological aspect that was the proverbial “icing on the cake:” their view of women in ministry.

It is my particular view that the church has often limited or cast out women from leadership roles based solely on patriarchal tendencies. This, in my view, has relegated most women to the sidelines of Christian ministry. However, the Schambach Foundation, with Donna Schambach as its leader, rejects this trend. Therefore, I view the receiving of my credentials from the Schambach Foundation not only important for what I want to do in ministry, but as an important theological outflow of the high view I believe God has for women in ministry. It is my view that the Schambach Foundation has an incredible mix of Godly activity and theology; one which I willing put myself underneath.”

We stand humbled before God.